I am a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of California, Irvine. After completing my degree, I want to apply my analytic skills and research background in social divisions and resource inequality to produce meaningful, data-driven improvements to user experience and product accessibility.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of immigration, culture, race / ethnicity, and minority integration. My dissertation research expands on current immigration research by examining theories of anti-immigrant attitudes in the new context of Eastern European EU member-states. Ultimately, I find that modern immigration literature cannot continue to frame cultural and economic theories as competing explanations for anti-immigrant sentiments, and that the role of religion as a divisive factor may be more complicated and ubiquitous than previously suggested.

Evaluation Experience

I have over three years of practical experience in evaluation. I joined the Connected Learning Lab for a nine-month study exploring the impact of Google’s igniteCS program on retention rates of underrepresented students in the field of computer science. In addition to this project, I was a senior research analyst at SmartStart Evaluation and Research, a non-profit evaluation company focusing on educational and government-led interventions.

Following these rewarding opportunities, I aim to continue applying academic rigor to investigating actionable solutions with meaningful impacts for vulnerable or minority groups.


Doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of California, Irvine
Expected graduation Spring 2020

M.Sc.(R) in Sociology, University of Edinburgh, 2012
B.A. in Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin, 2010